Positive Psychology Therapies

Positive Psychology Therapies
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Positive psychology is a new approach within the broader field of psychology that focuses on improving human quality of life and well-being, and studying the qualities, behaviors, attitudes and positive emotions of human beings: optimism, creativity, hope, sense of humor, laughter, resilience, courage, positive affect, self-esteem, assertiveness, empathy … However, positive psychology is also very useful in improving mental health. Positive mental states act as barriers to psychological disorders. This book is about the practical application of positive psychology to enhance health, increase well-being and to tackle the most common psychological disorders today. The first part of the book deals with some fundamentals of positive psychology. It is a set of chapters on the positive qualities of human beings that the author thinks are most useful therapeutically. The second part of the book presents a generic treatment applicable to a wide variety of psychological disorders. Finally, the third part focuses on how to deal with five types of disorders that are common at present: 1) depression, 2) anorexia nervosa and eating disorders, 3) schizoid disorder and schizophrenia, 4) drug addiction, and 5) anxiety disorders. In summary, although addressing positive psychology and psychopathology together may at first seem like a contradiction, by the end of the book the reader will see that it actually is possible to effectively implement positive capacities to prevent or limit the effects of a variety of disorders—a perspective that favors optimism and seeks to avoid despair.