Clinical Psychology: Science, Practice, and Culture

Clinical Psychology: Science, Practice, and Culture
Clinical Psychology: Science, Practice, and Culture Clinical Psychology: Science, Practice, and Culture Clinical Psychology: Science, Practice, and Culture (click images to enlarge)
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“A very readable account; a clearly accessible introduction to the field and to critical issues within it. The particular advantage is that this text is addressed to undergraduates making career choices and provides an informed discussion of key issues.”
-Kate Briggs, University of West Georgia

“The book is well written, easy to understand, and covers all of the necessary topics to gain an appreciation for the field of clinical psychology.”
-David Topor, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
“The most impressive aspect of this material is the comprehensive nature of the text. The breadth, clarity, and usefulness of the coverage is first rate.”
-Alan Whitlock, University of Idaho

“This is very balanced in presentation-perhaps the least biased text for clinical psych I’ve seen”  
-Elizabeth E. Seebach, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota

"Very user-friendly- more interactive (in terms of thinking questions, ect.) than other similar texts."
-Jessica Yokley, University of Pittsburgh

This undergraduate core text presents a balanced overview of clinical perspectives with an emphasis on multicultural issues. Academically rigorous but accessible, it covers psychotherapy clinical assessment, ethical and professional issues, and specialized topics such as forensic and health psychology.


• Includes a full chapter on cultural issues in the introductory section of the book.

• Offers a full chapter on ethical issues in the introductory section of the book.

• Presents a full chapter in which current and controversial topics are discussed from both sides of the debate.

• Integrates discussion of ethical and professional issues throughout the book.

• Incorporates useful pedagogical tools that serve to connect unfamiliar clinical psychology concepts to the everyday life of students. These include a “Considering Culture” box in each chapter following the chapter on culture, “Denise inPsychotherapy” boxes that illustrate how a client would be treated according to various approaches, at least one “Metaphorically Speaking” box in most chapters that use metaphors to teach students about new concepts, and end-of-chapter critical thinking questions.


• A Student Study Site at offers self-quizzes, e-flashcards, sample case studies, Internet exercises and suggested Web resources, and SAGE journal articles with discussion questions.


This balanced text gives upper-level undergraduate or first-year graduate students of Clinical Psychology an extensive review of different clinical approaches as well as a greater level of cultural understanding.