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Clinical Dharma
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Clinical Dharma: A Path for Healers and Helpers is the result of Dr. Steve's over 25 years experience with Buddhist mindfulness practice and as many years as an educator and a therapist. In that time he has seen how so many of his colleagues in the helping professions (and fellow avocational helpers) suffer above and beyond what is tolerable, consequently burning out in one way or another. Clinical Dharma provides an answer to this dilemma: Develop your own practice, and then continue your work as a helper from the foundation of the 4 Noble Truths and the 8 Fold Path of the Buddha.

This book takes you through all 4 Noble Truths and all the factors of the 8 Fold Path to introduce the beginner and enhance the understanding of those with experience in developing a Buddhist mindfulness practice that allows for a more sustainable life in the helping and healing professions. Those who are avocational caregivers will also benefit from the same information and practice.

Clinical Dharma can provide a path to a wide variety of helpers - therapists, doctors, nurses, yoga teachers, social justice workers, non-profit administrators, sponsors in 12 step programs, massage therapists, educators, podcast hosts - anyone engaged in the framework of helping and/or healing.

"Dr. Stephen Dansiger's work with Clinical Dharma is exactly what the helping professions need: A practical, non-pretentious volume on the heart and soul of Buddhist teaching delivered in a manner that is relevant to the modern times. Stephen is the ideal person to take up this mantle. With a strong background in Buddhist practice and a cutting-edge, trauma-focused understanding of clinical life, Steve shares with you a practical guide for embarking on mindfulness-infused practice. If you are a long-time practitioner, you will gain refreshed insight on how to deepen your practice and be more effective at sharing it with others in your work, your community, and in your life." - Jamie Marich, Ph.D., author of Dancing Mindfulness: Creative Path to Healing and Transformation and several other books on trauma and addiction; Founder, Institute for Creative Mindfulness

"A roadmap to alleviate suffering? Yes, please! Thank you Dr. Dansiger for giving us a clear and non dogmatic approach to a better understanding of our humanity, patterns and habits.” - Nina Siemaszko, ERYT-500, Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor

"Dr. Dansiger took his love of the Dharma and his passion for psychotherapy and the world of mental health, and created an amazing read -- not only for clinicians, but for all." - Dr. Josh Lichtman, Board Certified Psychiatrist, Medical Director, Refuge Recovery Centers, Clinical Instructor, UCLA School of Medicine

"As a writer, activist, coach and Zen teacher, I find myself in the position of healer and/or helper most days, many times a day. The clinical and Buddhist wisdom offered in this book from my old friend and colleague Stephen Dansiger goes a long way in supporting all our efforts as healers to take care of ourselves in the midst of so much suffering in the world. I highly recommend Clinical Dharma to those on the path of healing or helping, whether it be their job, their passion or their duty." - Colin Beavan, Ph.D., Coach, Author, Activist, Speaker

"For 25 years I have watched my dear friend Steve bring compassionate care to hundreds of people, and all this time have considered him my brother in both drumming and in the Dharma. His book Clinical Dharma has provided me with a fresh look at how the Dharma can help me take care of myself so that I might be of service to others, whether I'm providing a beat for my bandmates, or being called to work with a friend or family member in need. His message of bringing Buddhist mindfulness further into clinical care is heartfelt, as I have seen his words consummated with action. I highly recommend this book." - Jay Dee Daugherty, Drummer - Patti Smith Group